Mutation plot khatian status in web page

How to tracking the Mutation Plot Khatian Status in the Citizen Services option at website….Land recording, land ownership and transfers have proven to be quite a task in many countries in the world. Take India and particularly West Bengal which is a famous state in India and host the largest population. The state has … Read more

30 days notice mutation case in Citizen Services at

Here is the checking process on 30 days notice mutation case under the ‘Citizen Services’ option available at…..Land recording has found its way in the digital era. India has developed technologically and economically thus easing a lot of task. Nowadays farmers and property owners like land don’t have to queue in order to get … Read more

Fees Payment under Application Tab in Website

Banglarbhumi Fees Payment under ‘Online Application’ Tab in Citizen Services at Website…..Banglarbhumi Fees Payment is an online web application for land records and reforms in West Bengal state. This website contains every information that you want to know pertaining your property or land in West Bengal. Any resident of West Bengal can make use … Read more

Land Conversion Application Option in

Banglarbhumi Land conversion is the process of changing the use of your piece of land. For instance, you may have to stop agricultural activities on your land and use it for commercialization. To do this, you will have to apply for land conversion. In West Bengal state, the process of land conversion is governed by … Read more

RS-LR Information Value under Citizen Service in

Banglarbhumi RS-LR Plot Information using Sabek Dag->Hal Dag(LR PLot No.) or Hal Dag->Sabek Dag(RS PLot No.) at….West Bengal is the biggest and most populated state in India. With this high population, there was a need for the state government to come up with a web application that will help in offering land services. This … Read more