Mutation plot khatian status in web page

How to tracking the Mutation Plot Khatian Status in the Citizen Services option at website….
Land recording, land ownership and transfers have proven to be quite a task in many countries in the world. Take India and particularly West Bengal which is a famous state in India and host the largest population. The state has recently launched an online land record website where citizens can check all land information. Land owners and new owners can gather all details about particular land without visiting the land offices.

Banglarbhumi is the key solution for many West Bengal state citizens. Working under the land record and reform department. The Banglarbhumi website contains all WB districts and lands inform. This has helped curb corruption cases and land grabbing.

What is land mutation?

This a legal terminology used in land process referring to process of converting or transferring land ownership from one owner to a new buyer/owner. The transfer has to be transparent and legal documentation taken to record. The seller and the buyer are to visit the land offices for formal transfer and change of names.

mutation plot khatian status
Mutation Plot Khatian Status

Thanks also to the Banglarbhumi website as buyers can check the status of the land and get full information about the land they are about to buy. After the transfer one can check the status of the land by signing in to the official website

mutation plot khatian status
mutation plot khatian status

How to search the land mutation plot khatian status in the Banglarbhumi website

Mutation status is an important process as it helps government know the value land and property tax. The procedure is conducted online using the simple steps below:

  • Visit the official website:
  • On opening the homepage directly go to the menu and select citizen services
  • Proceed to click on the mutation status tab.
  • The system will produce two options:  case wise search and deed wise search
  • On pick one of the choices proceed to fill in the details require.
  • Taking the case wise search one should enter the district, block name and the Mouza name.
  • Give the case number correctly then submit.

Procedure of check the mutation plot khatian status in

Mutation Plot Khatian Status checking has the two official methods bot give positive results. Here we take the case wise search to get the status of the land being transferred to new ownership as follows:

Navigate to the official website page:

  • The homepage will appear with a variety of options on the menu tab.
  • Select the citizen service option followed by the mutation case status.
  • Pick from the two options  case wise search and the deed wise search
  • Take the case wise search and then enter the information as required.
  • Key the district name where the land is located, Mouza name case number etc.
  • Recheck the information and then submit if correct.
  • Give the system some minutes to process and in seconds the status of the land will be displayed.

Search using the deed number

  • The process counts the same one has to use the official website:
  • On the menu select the citizen service then the mutation case status.
  • Net you’re to click on the deed wise search.
  • Key in the deed number and the deed year.
  • Recheck to avoid any mistakes then click on the submit button.
  • The results will be displayed on the screen showing the status of the land.