Mouza Map Availability Details under Citizen Services in

Checking Procedure on Mouza Map Availability details under the Citizen Services tab at web portal….
West Bengal state holds the largest population amongst the 29 states of India. WB as commonly referred to caters for all land issues by opening an official website page Banglarbhumi.  A legal website where citizens can access land records according to the individual need. Banglarbhumi map is a section where citizens can check land details like the land Khatians, plot map / Mouza map availability details etc.

The portal holds 4.30 crores Khatians and more than 42,042 Mouza. Banglarbhumi website comes in handy to avoid waste of time and resources in visiting the land offices. Citizens get all land records online and also avoid fraud cases.

What is Mouza? This is a type of land or administrative district which holds different settlement in one place. Mouza map the map hold great significance in terms of land records as it encompasses land boundaries of different parcels.  The map has important information ranging from land use, boundaries and area data.

Maps contain land details of districts and villages. This information can be used by the land owners to determine which and where their boundaries are situated. The Banglarbhumi website gives a collection of all the information taking it as the most important website in West Bengal state.

Mouza map availability
Mouza map availability

How to check Mouza Map Availability details in

Mouza map information can be obtained in simple procedure though one needs login details. Below we have few steps for Mouza map identification:

  • Click on the Banglarbhumi website page
  • On the menu bar check on the option ‘Citizen Services’.
  • Proceed down to key in the tab “Mouza Map Availability Details”
  • The system will open new page indicated as form.
  • Next you’re required to fill in the district, block and the Mouza.
  • After this click on the options given where you’re to pick on one out of the two: plot information and plot number.
  • Key in the number of the plot at hand and then click on the submit tab.
  • Give the system time and here all information about the Mouza map will show on the screen.

The Mouza map can be check using various methods; it can be through the plot number, Khatian or village. The procedures can be done online or through the land offices. The West Bengal government through the directorate of land records and survey ensure all citizens with the login details can get full information about their land.

Importance of the Banglarbhumi website page is the legal website page for the WB citizens. Many have found the website significant to their livelihood as it has helped them to:

  • Save time and resources thus reducing the corruption cases
  • Help in getting all the full details about the land in one portal
  • Avoid long queues
  • The government can now trace all land records no matter the year.
  • The records are safe and can be accessed anytime or day.
  • The citizens can make changes if they want to buy or sell land easily.
  • West Bengal state government can learn which type of activity happens in the land.
  • Boundaries are well seen form the maps unlike the paper work which was quite misleading.

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  1. i have need to search documents for purchase a new flat at dumdum lakshmi nagar colony formarly north 24 pgs.
    c.s- plot no– 305
    dug no- 305
    mouza- bagjola
    touzi– 182.
    rs khatian– 65

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